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About Rean WaterTech. Pvt. Ltd.

What is the world’s most valuable resource? Obviously, the answer is water.

Since 1900, the world population has doubled to over 6 billion people. Meanwhile, increase in living standards, modernization, and industrialisation has resulted in 600% increase in water consumption. A recent study shows that, 2.4 billion of the world’s population have only limited access to water for daily needs and better water management systems are needed for these people.

As the situation deteriorates, the search for solutions has also intensified.

REAN WaterTech (P) Ltd. is of course a trust worthy option.

REAN aspires to contribute significantly in improving India’s infrastructure by its proficiency in water treatment and distribution along with waste management in municipal, commercial and industrial territories. Headquartered in Kolkata, REAN has branches throughout India and specializes in 360 degree competence for various water businesses based on its techno-commercial skills .

The REAN team represents wide experience in developing water & sewerage infrastructure projects and ,as has also configured couple of large water and waste management ventures.

The REAN team comprises a group of people with high technical skillsets, excelling in engineering, design, finance, construction and operation and maintenance of such ventures.